Classroom Support

Archives Ontario [Website]
Provides extensive information about historical events with primary documents and photographs of historical figures. Reference is made to The Enslavement of Africans in Upper Canada and The Ontario Bicentenary Exhibition: The Act to Abolish the British Slave Trade, traveling exhibits produced by the Government of Ontario to mark the 200th anniversary of the 1807 Act to abolish slavery.

Black History Portal [Website]
Material related to Black Canadian history and heritage and a link to Parks Canada Underground Railroad sites.

On-Line Institute for Advanced Loyalist Studies [Website]
Explores the history of the first free Black settlement in Canada. Includes primary source documents, pictures, and other archival information. Also information and personal stories about individual Black loyalists who were living in that community at the time.

Black History Canada [Website]
In For Teachers section is a one-page overview of Canada's Black community, with links to specific resources related to that sub-heading.

The Black Community in the History of Québec and Canada [Website]
Content is organized into eight units spanning the periods in Québec and Canadian history from the French Regime to the post-war decades of the twentieth century.

Blacks in Canada - A long history [PDF]
This paper, written in 2004, is part of a series produced by Statistics Canada on Canadian social trends. The detailed analysis examines residential settlement patterns of Blacks, from a historical and current perspective.

Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration [Website]
A backgrounder for the Bicentenary Exhibit, with frequently asked questions that give a brief account of the history and timeline of Slavery and Acts to limit and abolish slavery in Canada.

Multimedia Resources [Website]
One-minute movies portray moments in Canada's past.

Virtual Museum of Canada with archival documents [Website]
Site has historical images, photos, and other archival documents.

Famous Black Canadians [Website]
This school site from Nova Scotia provides comprehensive links to famous Black Canadians.