First Hand Impressions of Education in Nunavut

Recently, Deirdre Kinsella Biss and I had an opportunity to speak at the Nunavut Teachers’ Conference sponsored by the Nunavut Teachers’ Association. It was a great chance to gain some perspective on the successes and challenges of providing quality education in Nunavut. We knew from prior reading that the evolution of Nunavut’s education system is […]

Unselfish Scaling

The spread of “innovative ideas” and best practices has posed a challenge for all school systems, no matter where they are located in the world. When innovative ideas and best practices take hold and permeate a school system, school improvement and system coherence grow, ultimately impacting student learning and achievement. The 2018 ICSEI Conference held […]

Global Competencies in Education

There is much discussion about global competencies in many sectors, including in education. International research literature highlights the importance of these essential competencies in preparing for life in today’s global society. So what exactly are these competencies? Being able to work in collaboration with others, to communicate effectively, to use creativity and imagination, to think […]

The 5 Hallmarks of Effective Teacher Professional Development

Ministries of Education, University Faculties of Education, Schools, take note: more than half of teachers felt they needed professional development to be more effective, according to the OECD TALIS results from Creating Effective Teaching and Learning Environments. While this may not seem surprising, the hardest issues to grapple with relate to actually improving teacher practice. […]

What drives an effective curriculum development and design process?

In the many years in which I have led various initiatives related to curriculum development and program design, I have come to realize that certain drivers must be in place to ensure success. Below, I share my top three strategies to ensure a successful curriculum design. Driver One: Understand Curriculum Elements Be mindful that curriculum […]

Teacher Training in Colombia: English Literacy for Early Grades and Math Problem Solving

Curriculum Services Canada is not only an educational authority in Canada, but internationally as well. Recently, we collaborated with Colegio Colombo Britanica in Cali, Colombia for strategic planning and improvement of their English literacy and math problem-solving teaching strategies. Our English learning initiative focused on pre-kindergarten to primary-aged students with the goal of achieving academic […]

CSC & Wikwemikong: Rethinking Adolescent Literacy

Earlier this month, I attended the World Indigenous Peoples Conference on Education in support of Curriculum Service Canada’s (CSC’s) presentation. CSC’s consultant Brian Weishar, together with Mick Staruck from the Wikwemikong Board of Education, presented a reflection on their recent co-teaching project, entitled “Rethinking Adolescent Literacy: An Innovative Instructional Coaching Model.” Brian and Mick’s unique […]

GSL: Gumbaynggirr as a Second Language

As a writer, I have always been fascinated by the ways in which language impacts our lives: the way our ability to think in the abstract is limited by our vocabulary, or the way varying grammatical structures across languages result in different communication styles and cultural norms. My “word nerdiness” has only grown since joining […]

Success Story: Wikwemikong Board of Education

Curriculum Services Canada recently completed a teacher leadership program with a coach-in-residence approach with the Wikwemikong Board of Education. To learn about our experience working with them in support of their teaching staff and students, click here. “Teacher leadership development in adolescent literacy is critical to influencing quality instruction for students of the 21st century. Student […]

Foundational Training at The Technology University of Uruguay

Last week, Curriculum Services Canada (CSC) visited The Technology University of Uruguay (UTEC), a young university focused on technology and innovation, to host a three-day training program. The university faces challenges in finding teachers willing to live in rural communities within the provinces and finding that those teachers who are willing may not have enough […]