Dr. Avis Glaze: The Children Cannot Wait

Curriculum Services Canada’s International Advisor, Dr. Avis Glaze, is an award-winning educator who continues to work with educators at all levels of school systems across the world. She is passionate about working collaboratively to embed the promising practices that improve the life chances of students and the professional capacity of teachers and school leaders.

avis glaze book children cannot wait

Dr. Glaze has dedicated her life to the development of education systems, and in doing so, is recognized as a global thought leader in teaching, learning, leadership, and organizational effectiveness. It is with no surprise and great excitement that we look forward to Roderick Benns’ biography: Avis Glaze: The Children Cannot Wait, available now at Friesen Press online Bookstore, Amazon, Chapters Indigo, A Different Booklist, and other retailers.

“It was certainly a privilege to work with Avis during her time as Chief Student Achievement Officer of Ontario and the Founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat. I knew early on that I wanted to write this book,” says Benns. Part biography, part chronicle of achievements, the book highlights the innovations and successes that are characteristic of her work as a world renowned educational leader.

Dr. Glaze is also working on a new book, Reaching the Heart of Leadership, scheduled for release in a few months (Corwin). The short book describes what the wise application of power looks like and the need to accentuate and strengthen the bonds of trust and collegiality that successful leaders create.  It is a book that encourages reflection, inspires improvement, and extols the virtues of a people-oriented leadership legacy. More importantly, it affirms the meaningful work that teachers, principals, and those who work in the field of education do each day.  

Reaching the Heart of Leadership is a template for action for the men and women who spend their lives and careers in search of truth, genuineness, and fidelity to long-standing universal values.  There is a strong focus on the need to acquire and demonstrate qualities such as respect and empathy – the  sine qua non of effective relationships and the essential characteristics of those who strive to reach the heart of leadership.

Other books Dr. Glaze co-authored recently include:  Breaking Barriers:  Excellence and Equity for All (Pearson) and High School Graduation: K-12 Strategies that Work (Corwin).

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