Anita’s Must-Read of the Month – May

It’s that time again! Read on to discover our Evaluations Director, Anita Sherwin-Hamer’s recommended resource for the month of May. What’s Working in High Schools? Book One (Connections Publishing, 2007) Edited by Anne Davies, Ph.D. and Kathy Busick, Ph.D. This resource focuses on a key element of educational reform, the classroom assessment practices of high […]

Anita’s Must-Read of the Month

With more than 40 years of experience evaluating learning resources, Anita Sherwin-Hamer knows which strategies work and which resources lay out those strategies best. Find out how to improve your writing instruction from her top-choice recommended text:   “In Making Writing Instruction Work, Brenda Augusta hits upon all the important considerations in planning and implementing a […]

Let’s Make it Right

Let’s Make it RightDescription:The Let’s Make It Right resource supports curriculum topics related to citizenship and children’s rights in Social Studies, History, and Geography at the Grade 4 to Grade 6 level. It could also be used to support social justice themes and topics in character education.   Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:Anne Huestis ScottCopyright/Publication year:2016ISBN: 978-1-897462-44-7 Media:60 […]

Textbooks Enrich Learning

Our Evaluations Director, Anita Sherwin-Hamer, submitted a Letter to the Editor of Professionally Speaking, and it was featured in the December edition! Take a look at her letter below and learn why she believes textbooks today are as important as ever in enriching student learning. I read with interest in the June issue about the history […]

How to Keep Kids Learning All Summer (and Year) Long

Growing up for many of us, summer holidays were a time for resting and preparing for the upcoming school year. While having a few months off for rest and relaxation might seem beneficial to students, it can actually have some serious consequences. so it is important that we don’t disengage children during this time. Engage […]

Learn Not to Burn – Kindergarten, Preschool and Level 1

Learn Not to Burn – Kindergarten, Preschool and Level 1 CSC Evaluation Recommendation: The Learn Not to Burn supplementary learning resource supports curriculum topics related to health and safety and simple mapping skills at the Junior Kindergarten to Grade One level.  Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:National Fire Protection Association Education Division (NFPA)Publisher/Developer:National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Printed with Canadian […]

Workplace Safety

Workplace SafetyDescription:Workplace Safety is comprised of a video and print materials that reinforce visually the importance of safety in the workplace. In the video, students with mild intellectual disabilities dramatize safety procedures that are applicable in many workplace environments. The accompanying print materials reinforce the safety messages. CSC Evaluation Recommendation: This resource received funding through […]

Videos of Visual Artists in Greater Sudbury

Videos of Visual Artists in Greater SudburyCSC Evaluation Recommendation: The Videos of Visual Artists in Greater Sudbury video collection supports curriculum topics in Visual Arts at the secondary school level. Topics include the application of elements, principles, conventions, and the creative process to visual art works. Publication DetailsPosted: June 2013 Author(s)/Editor:Dr. Kathy Browning Copyright/Publication year:2013 Media:DVD; […]

Up Against the Wall

Up Against the WallDescription:Up Against the Wall poses the question: Do walls work? Focusing on three democracies, this documentary examines three hot spots: the wall separating Israel and the West Bank, the “Tortilla Wall” between the United States and Mexico, and the walls which protect “Fortress Europe”, exploring the themes of borders, sovereignty, migration and […]

The Secret Lives of Butterflies

The Secret Life of ButterfliesDescription:Butterflies are unquestionably the most colourful creatures on earth. Their magic is largely a secret one. The Secret Life of Butterflies captures the splendour of these fleeting insects, exploring new realms of biology and ecology which have been, until recently, largely undiscovered. The film also examines society’s cultural and sociological obsession […]