Global Competencies in Education

There is much discussion about global competencies in many sectors, including in education. International research literature highlights the importance of these essential competencies in preparing for life in today’s global society. So what exactly are these competencies? Being able to work in collaboration with others, to communicate effectively, to use creativity and imagination, to think […]

Teacher Training in Colombia: English Literacy for Early Grades and Math Problem Solving

Curriculum Services Canada is not only an educational authority in Canada, but internationally as well. Recently, we collaborated with Colegio Colombo Britanica in Cali, Colombia for strategic planning and improvement of their English literacy and math problem-solving teaching strategies. Our English learning initiative focused on pre-kindergarten to primary-aged students with the goal of achieving academic […]

Dr. Avis Glaze: The Children Cannot Wait

Curriculum Services Canada’s International Advisor, Dr. Avis Glaze, is an award-winning educator who continues to work with educators at all levels of school systems across the world. She is passionate about working collaboratively to embed the promising practices that improve the life chances of students and the professional capacity of teachers and school leaders. Dr. […]

How Thinking-Based Learning Leads to Higher-Order Thinking

  I just returned from my fourth trip to Peru. I learn so much each time I work with educators there and this time was no exception.  I presented at two conferences, Adecopa IV Conferencia Annual de Directores de Escuelas del Peru and Adecopa VII Conferencia Internacional de Profesores. It was during these conferences that […]