Reframing #Canada150 in the Context of Truth and Reconciliation

I had the privilege of hearing Charlene Bearhead speak at an international education conference in Ottawa earlier this year. She blew me away, and frankly the whole audience, too. She challenged and enlightened me and I’ve harkened back to her message many times. As we’ve been thinking and learning about Canada 150, we asked Charlene […]

The Gathering Place: An Exploration of Canada’s Capital

The Gathering Place: An Exploration of Canada’s CapitalCSC Evaluation Recommendation: The Gathering Place is recommended to support Social Studies and History programs in Grades 5 through 8. Publication DetailsPosted: 2011 Author(s)/Editor: Suzanne Anderson, et al. Publisher/Developer: Classroom Connections Copyright/Publication year: 2006 ISBN or Product code: ISBN 1897017456 Media: Print Levels: 5-8 Contact InformationSuzanne AndersonDirector of ProgrammingClassroom […]