Belonging: The Search for Acceptance

Belonging: The Search for AcceptanceCSC Evaluation Recommendation: The Belonging: the Search for Acceptance kit is recommended to support a variety of senior secondary school curricula related to human and societal behaviours and relationships, e.g., Social Science and Religious Studies courses. Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:Beth Porter, M.A., Greg Rogers, M.Ed. Publisher/Developer:LArche Canada Foundation Copyright/Publication year:2003 ISBN or Product […]

A Media Campaign for Character Education

A Media Campaign for Character EducationDescription:A Media Campaign for Character Education models how to combine effective communication techniques through student-produced media campaigns with character education. Students cultivate their critical thinking and critical literacy skills and enhance their collaborative skills as they establish positive relationships with the broader community. CSC Evaluation Recommendation: This resource received funding […]

Truman’s World

Truman’s WorldDescription:Meet Truman Klaver, an 8-year-old boy with Asperger’s syndrome, an autism spectrum disorder an autism spectrum disorder. Through meeting Truman and his family, you learn about many of the ups and downs of living with Asperger’s syndrome. The film portrays what Truman goes through day-to-day and what his future looks like. Truman’s World helps […]

Teaching the Life of Music

Teaching the Life of MusicDescription:Teaching the Life of Music highlights the renowned work of Maestro Abreu who developed El Sistema, a program originating in Venezuela and now being replicated internationally. The film traces the growth of El Sistema in Canada exploring the role music can play in offering young people the respectful sense of community […]

Roots of Empathy (ROE)

Roots of Empathy (ROE)CSC Evaluation Recommendation: The ROE Resource Materials are recommended to support the delivery of the ROE program in classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 8 across Canada. Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:Mary Gordon, et al. Publisher/Developer:Roots of Empathy Copyright/Publication year:Copyright Individual ISBN or Product code:N/A Media:KitROE Trainer’s Manual (3 Day Instructor Training)Mary Gordon and Donna Letchford, […]

Character Building Through Music

Character Building Through MusicDescription:Character Building Through Music presents model lessons for integrating character education within the music curriculum. CSC Evaluation Recommendation: This resource received funding through The Curriculum Foundation. The development was guided by the CSC mentoring process. Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:Justina So, Sandra Wu Copyright/Publication year:2011 Levels:4-8   Keywords:Character education, Music, Responsibility, Courage, Empathy, Honesty, Respect […]

Cats, Dogs and Us

Cats, Dogs and UsCSC Evaluation Recommendation: The Cats, Dogs and Us resource package supports curriculum topics in Science and Character Education related to the characteristics and needs of animals, and care, respect, and empathy for animals. It can also be used to support curriculum topics in Language related to oral communication, reading, writing, and media […]