Roots of Empathy (ROE)

Roots of Empathy (ROE)CSC Evaluation Recommendation: The ROE Resource Materials are recommended to support the delivery of the ROE program in classrooms from Kindergarten to Grade 8 across Canada. Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:Mary Gordon, et al. Publisher/Developer:Roots of Empathy Copyright/Publication year:Copyright Individual ISBN or Product code:N/A Media:KitROE Trainer’s Manual (3 Day Instructor Training)Mary Gordon and Donna Letchford, […]

Character Building Through Music

Character Building Through MusicDescription:Character Building Through Music presents model lessons for integrating character education within the music curriculum. CSC Evaluation Recommendation: This resource received funding through The Curriculum Foundation. The development was guided by the CSC mentoring process. Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:Justina So, Sandra Wu Copyright/Publication year:2011 Levels:4-8   Keywords:Character education, Music, Responsibility, Courage, Empathy, Honesty, Respect […]