Unselfish Scaling

The spread of “innovative ideas” and best practices has posed a challenge for all school systems, no matter where they are located in the world. When innovative ideas and best practices take hold and permeate a school system, school improvement and system coherence grow, ultimately impacting student learning and achievement. The 2018 ICSEI Conference held […]

The Children Cannot Wait: A Conversation with Dr. Avis Glaze and Amy Coupal

Curriculum Services Canada’s International Advisor, Dr. Avis Glaze, is a woman on a mission – a mission of equity of outcomes for all students. Her passion was evident even as a young girl in Jamaica, where she was driven to teach others to read. She quickly rose through the ranks of education leadership, becoming the […]

ICSEI Underscores the Importance of Context, Community, and Capital

Several members of the CSC team attended the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement (ICSEI) in Ottawa this week. We were ecstatic about the opportunity to share stories of the work we’ve been doing in Peru, and eager to hear about school improvement initiatives from other communities and countries.   On the ground, we […]