Up Against the Wall

Up Against the WallDescription:Up Against the Wall poses the question: Do walls work? Focusing on three democracies, this documentary examines three hot spots: the wall separating Israel and the West Bank, the “Tortilla Wall” between the United States and Mexico, and the walls which protect “Fortress Europe”, exploring the themes of borders, sovereignty, migration and […]

Belonging: The Search for Acceptance

Belonging: The Search for AcceptanceCSC Evaluation Recommendation: The Belonging: the Search for Acceptance kit is recommended to support a variety of senior secondary school curricula related to human and societal behaviours and relationships, e.g., Social Science and Religious Studies courses. Publication DetailsAuthor(s)/Editor:Beth Porter, M.A., Greg Rogers, M.Ed. Publisher/Developer:LArche Canada Foundation Copyright/Publication year:2003 ISBN or Product […]

Teaching the Life of Music

Teaching the Life of MusicDescription:Teaching the Life of Music highlights the renowned work of Maestro Abreu who developed El Sistema, a program originating in Venezuela and now being replicated internationally. The film traces the growth of El Sistema in Canada exploring the role music can play in offering young people the respectful sense of community […]

Keepers of the Water

Keepers of the WaterDescription:Keepers of the Water is a short film about a group of Native children in Fort Chipewyan, Canada. Their community sits directly downstream from the Alberta Tar Sands. The members of their community are dying of cancer, the fish and moose meat have tested positive for high levels of toxins, and the […]

All Our Relations: James Bartleman

All Our Relations: James BartlemanDescription: All Our Relations: James Bartleman celebrates the life of an Aboriginal Canadian who has achieved international success and recognition. This documentary features James Bartleman and his work as a diplomat and as an advocate for social justice. (44 minutes) Publication DetailsPosted: February 2014 Media:Video Levels:Grades 7 – 12 Subjects:Native Studies, Social […]