5 Ways eLearning Can Change Your Classroom

Educators are constantly trying to find ways to make their learning environment more innovative and interesting for students. One way to get students engaged in learning is through eLearning tools. We live in a technology-abundant world where today’s students are surrounded by digital. From messaging friends to using apps to find directions, students are used […]

How to Keep Kids Learning All Summer (and Year) Long

Growing up for many of us, summer holidays were a time for resting and preparing for the upcoming school year. While having a few months off for rest and relaxation might seem beneficial to students, it can actually have some serious consequences. so it is important that we don’t disengage children during this time. Engage […]

An Analog Approach to Gamification

  At SXSWedu I went to a lot of sessions. A lot of panels. A lot of meetups. I heard a bunch of great ideas and learned a ton of new things, which I’ve come to accept as par for the course at an education conference. But there was one session I wasn’t prepared for: an immersive […]

Videos of Visual Artists in Greater Sudbury

Videos of Visual Artists in Greater SudburyCSC Evaluation Recommendation: The Videos of Visual Artists in Greater Sudbury video collection supports curriculum topics in Visual Arts at the secondary school level. Topics include the application of elements, principles, conventions, and the creative process to visual art works. Publication DetailsPosted: June 2013 Author(s)/Editor:Dr. Kathy Browning Copyright/Publication year:2013 Media:DVD; […]

Engaging Wired Youth

Engaging Wired YouthDescription:The focus of Engaging Wired Youth is to provide new and contemporary tools that can make the delivery of curriculum and meeting curriculum expectations exciting, engaging, and relevant to the technologically advanced students in the classroom. This resource encourages teachers to place technology into the hands of students to learn and create. Each […]

Assistive Technology (AT) to Support Students with Special Needs

Assistive Technology (AT) to Support Students with Special NeedsDescription: Assistive Technology (AT) to Support Students with Special Needs provides background information about AT and how these resources can support the special needs of learners in elementary and secondary schools. Teachers are directed to online sources for assessing special needs, for evaluating AT products, and for […]