Success Story: Wikwemikong Board of Education

Curriculum Services Canada recently completed a teacher leadership program with a coach-in-residence approach with the Wikwemikong Board of Education. To learn about our experience working with them in support of their teaching staff and students, click here.

wikwemikong board of education

“Teacher leadership development in adolescent literacy is critical to influencing quality instruction for students of the 21st century. Student ability (or inability) to locate, understand, evaluate, and use written information in their personal and academic lives will profoundly affect their learning and the trajectory of their adult lives. It is not an understatement to say that their futures depend on their ability to read, write, and communicate well. All of this leads to one conclusion: teacher leadership development focused on adolescent literacy with specialized instructional support can increase success for students.

teacher leadership developmentThe Wikwemikong Board of Education (WBE) leadership team indicated a need for an interdisciplinary literacy focus for reading, with a sustained professional learning priority focused on adolescent literacy.”

To learn about how CSC worked with the WBE to develop the capacity of their teaching staff and ultimately increase success for their students, download the free case study here.

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