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CSC Evaluators

CSC recruits and trains part-time evaluators (teachers, principals, consultants, etc.) who are certified by the appropriate provincial body as a teacher to become evaluators.

Occasionally, CSC requires the services of recently retired, yet still active, senior curriculum consultants.

As a successful candidate, you will:

  • Demonstrate exemplary practice with at least five years of teaching experience.
  • Participate in curriculum development and/or implementation activities (provided by province, board, or professional organization).
  • Understand Ministry/Department of Education policy directions.
  • Demonstrate excellent communication skills.
  • Demonstrate integrity (confidentiality and objectivity in the evaluation process must be maintained).
  • Have no conflict of interest (no current royalties from any publisher; no collaboration with any publisher for a minimum of three years).

CSC provides in-depth training and mentoring to successful applicants. Evaluation activities are conducted on the evaluator's time. Please forward an updated resumé and a letter describing why you would be an asset to the CSC evaluation team to: Director, Standards and Evaluation Services. Or send by mail to:

Anita Sherwin-Hamer
Director, Standards and Evaluation Services
Curriculum Services Canada
439 University Ave., Suite 1450
Toronto, ON M5G 1Y8

Only those candidates who are deemed suitable for the role will be contacted.

Training for CSC Evaluators

Is training provided for CSC evaluators?
CSC recruits and trains qualified educators to conduct professional evaluations of learning resources. As the Canadian standards agency for the evaluation of educational resources, we ensure that these teachers have the necessary skills and tools to provide high-quality evaluations.

Teachers selected to become CSC evaluators receive in-depth training and mentoring. Ongoing training is provided face-to-face and electronically to satisfy the needs of a specific project. CSC now has more than 750 educators trained to carry out evaluations of both print and non-print learning resources.

What goes into the training?
In a highly interactive and adult education-based learning environment, CSC evaluators learn how to apply the latest in educational theory to the design, development, implementation, and selection of learning resources. They learn to apply evaluation criteria related to:

  • Consistency with curriculum
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Content
  • Methodology
  • Bias and inclusion
  • Format

Participants trained in using the CSC evaluation process enhance their skills in communication and teamwork.