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Leadership Matters: Open-to-Learning Conversations
Leadership requires educators to engage in open-to-learning conversations that are reflective, respectful, and at times – courageous. Many different terms have been used to describe these type of conversation such as open-to-learning conversations, courageous conversations, crucial conversations, hard conversations, and constructive problem talk. These open-to-learning conversations can arise and be nurtured through various collaborative processes that involve problem-solving and decision making. Throughout these processes, leaders demonstrate a commitment to continuous improvement and a collective focus on student learning.

This webcast also features the following authors and professors: Jennifer Abrams, Dr. Viviane Robinson, and Dr. Kenneth Leithwood. They share current understandings, research, and evidence-based information regarding why open-to-learning conversations can be so difficult, how open-to-learning conversations connect with the core business of teaching and learning, and how these type of conversations challenge our current thinking and actions.

Recent Webcasts

June 10, 2011
Board Improvement Planning for Student Achievement
Two Ontario school boards – Ottawa Carleton District School Board and Hamilton Wentworth Catholic District School Board use the Board Improvement Plan for Student Achievement (BIPSA) to consolidate their thinking about student learning goals and to design their action plans. While each board's discussion is unique, you will notice their use of common planning processes such as a needs assessment and analysis, the identification of targeted evidence and ongoing monitoring strategies to maintain their focus. The conversation is rich, reflective and highly collaborative.

June 10, 2011
Conversations courageuses et ouvertes à l'apprentissage
This webcast is only available in French.

June 1, 2011
Three Part lesson in Mathematics: Co-planning, Co-teaching and Supporting Student Learning
In preparing for a three part lesson on fractions, a team of teachers and support staff work collaboratively to design an appropriate and challenging problem that allows for student choice and can be solved in a variety of ways. The teachers "do the math" prior to the lesson. By solving the problem themselves, they are better able to anticipate potential student solutions and deepen their collective and personal understanding of the mathematics.

March 31, 2011
Snapshots of Effective Practice
This collection of video "snap shots" utilizes expert voices and classroom scenes to provide multiple views and exemplars of classroom practice.

March 4, 2011
Through the Eye of the Learner: From student work to teacher practice
When teachers work collaboratively, engage in focused inquiry and become students of teaching and learning, the effects on student learning and achievement are transformative.

This resource highlights one group of teachers from two neighbouring schools who are passionate about teaching and learning. They delve deeply into what effective teaching of mathematics might look like by observing practice in two classrooms. They learn how to talk about their teaching practices and their observations. Productive conflict is part of the norm as they think deeply about their long held beliefs and assumptions in light of what they believe today's learners need. These teachers seek and give honest descriptive feedback as they challenge themselves and each other to be the best that they can be.

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