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Differentiated Instruction: Continuing the Conversation

Webcast: March 29, 2006

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This webcast considers overall key messages related to differentiating instruction, as well as specific strategies proven to be successful in meeting the needs of many diverse learners. This webcast offers viewers a starting point for reflection, professional dialogue, and action.

The following questions are discussed:

photo of Lyn Sharratt photo of Jeff Wilhelm photo of Camille Williams-Taylor photo of Elizabeth Coelho

Dr. Lyn Sharratt, Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm, Camille Williams-Taylor, and Elizabeth Coelho are featured as they discuss differentiated instruction from their diverse perspectives. Future webcasts will continue to examine how teachers can best meet the needs of all of the students in their learning communities.

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Additional Presentations

  1. Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm
    Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm skilfully presents key messages relating to differentiating instruction. During the session, he demonstrates think-aloud as a high-yield strategy, the power of accountable talk and how to connect assessment to instruction. This clip is provided with few edits and captures a short workshop presented by Dr. Jeffrey Wilhelm.
    View video now
  2. Elizabeth Coelho
    Elizabeth Coelho discusses characteristics of English language learners (ELL) students, setting attainable targets, and effective strategies to meet the needs of ELL students.
    View video now

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