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International Services

We partner with Ministries of Education, University Faculties of Education, teacher associations and schools worldwide to develop excellence in teacher capacity and student learning and achievement.

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International Advisor

Curriculum Services Canada is proud to announce Dr. Avis Glaze as our first international advisor. Dr. Glaze is a distinguished, award-winning global thought leader, best-selling author, and popular speaker in the areas of teaching, learning, leadership and organizational effectiveness. Avis will bring a wealth of experience to Curriculum Services Canada including her world-renowned focus on excellence, equity, and building capacity among educators to improve student learning, engagement, and achievement.


Curriculum Consultation

  Curriculum Review and Development

  Implementation and Assessment

  Evaluation and Improvement

CSC adapts and aligns existing curricula to reflect leading edge curriculum innovation, meet local needs and goals, and support teacher performance expectations.

Areas for development with CSC include subject-specific curricula and curriculum design to support critical literacy, student engagement and achievement (regardless of race, culture, demographics, emotional, social and economic circumstances), collaborative inquiry and competency development.

Teacher Development

Initial Teacher Preparation

Teacher Training

Ongoing Professional Developemnt

CSC builds capacity to facilitate instructional effectiveness for all students.

Sample topics for teacher professional learning and development with CSC include setting data-informed goals and expectations, classroom management, engaging students with special education needs, ensuring equity and inclusive education strategies, and mentoring/coaching for sustained support.

Resource Development

Set Ambitious Goals

Increase Student Achievement

Support Teacher and Student Success

CSC shares promising and effective education practices from across Canada, including Ontario’s education system – considered one of the finest models in the world of equity, inclusiveness and student achievement.

Possibilities for resource development with CSC include customized webcasts, curriculum unit materials, e-books and e-learning.

Areas of Expertise

System-Level Reform
Pedagogical Practices
Special Education
Educator Development
Policy & Curriculum
Resource Development


CSC has been an authority on education standards, evaluation, design, and development since 1993. We use proven, leading-edge practices for every project.


Canada is recognized by the OECD as a world-leading education system in student achievement. At CSC, we are proud to carry that torch across the globe.


We are a mission driven enterprising non-profit. We pursue quality and service for our community, not profits. We want to contribute to our global learning community.