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Woman Abuse Affects Our Children
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Woman Abuse Affects Our Children: Educator's GuideWoman Abuse Affects Our Children

An Educator's Guide 2007  (PDF 985kb)

This Educator's Guide is designed for elementary teachers, principals, and support personnel. It will help them identify children who have been or may be exposed to woman abuse and to provide appropriate support and referrals. The guide and an accompanying facilitator's manual are components of the provincial Liberal government's Domestic Violence Action Plan.

Woman Abuse Affects Our Children: Resource ListWoman Abuse Affects Our Children

Resource List 2007-2008  (PDF 163kb)

This Resource List is comprised of annotated references and website links on the topic of woman abuse, based on the recommendations of this project's expert panel. The recommendations made by the panel are valuable reference tools that offer further insight on and practical methods for addressing the topic of woman abuse and its effect on children in the community, at home, and in the classroom. The recommendations have been organized under issue-specific headings.

Woman Abuse Affects Our Children: Viewer's GuideWoman Abuse Affects Our Children

Viewer's Guide 2007-2008  (PDF 122kb)

This Viewer's Guide is designed to be used together with the video material available on this website. It provides a summary of each segment within every module and identifies key messages highlighted by the speakers in the video.

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