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Woman Abuse Affects Our Children
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Video Modules

Module One Video: Setting the Context
To ensure that educators fully understand issues surrounding woman abuse, the Module One video focuses on defining woman abuse and on how the abuse of women can have an impact on children's emotional, physical, and social development and behaviour.

Module Two Video: Strategies and Identification
It is important for educators to be able to recognize when children are victims of woman abuse. Module Two presents various scenarios that educators may be faced with along with specific strategies that enable them to respond to the issue of woman abuse in both a sensitive and professional manner.

Module Three Video: Multiple Barriers
Woman abuse affects all women regardless of race, social context, geography, or age. Module Three explores the diverse barriers faced by women suffering abuse and provides educators with guidance on how to listen respectfully and without judgement to these women and their children.

Module Four Video: Duty to Report
Often the most difficult issue surrounding woman abuse is how to respond when there are reasonable grounds to suspect that abuse is occurring in the home. Module Four discloses the fears that many educators have regarding their obligations to report cases of abuse and discusses what steps educators should take to report children who are in need of protection.

Module Five Video: Support and Referrals
Responding to violence against women is not the duty of one person, but is the shared responsibility of all. Module Five assists educators in identifying and establishing strong relationships with community-based organizations that provide support and referral services for families who are exposed to abuse.

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